Monday, November 30, 2015

November Block Lotto & BOM Away!

Just in the nick of time I made these two XPlus blocks for the November Block Lotto.  They are due TODAY by noon.  Whew!  Aren't these fun blocks?

I noticed that I having been playing the Block Lotto much this year.  I am finding that now that my fabric is sorted in the "other house" all neatly by scrap color that I don't bring down the fabrics that I need for the Block Lotto.  Well, that's going to come to an end soon.  I'm going to try to pull the fabrics needed the first week of the month to try to be able to play more.  Let's see how that works.

I'm linking up with Lynette at What a Hoot Quilts for BOM's Away!


Anonymous said...

The blocks look good! :) Came over from What a Hoot Quilts! :)

Lynette said...

I just love the movement in that one with the stripes! That turned out neat, Kathy :)