Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Block Lotto Split Star Blocks

All of the November Block Lotto Split Star blocks have made it to their new home.  Here they are on the bed in no particular order.  I just can't believe how so many quilters can get so many blocks the correct size!  Yes, there are rules that the blocks are supposed to be within the tolerances, but these blocks are awesome awesome awesomely close to the 9.5"!  That just goes to show what a great group of people we have in the Block Lotto!

I didn't open all of the packages until today.  It seems like almost every single time I opened a package that I said, "this one is my favorite."  I guess I'm just addicted to quilting.

I need to search my sewing area.  I know all of the blocks are here.  It's here somewhere...
Since the blocks are sooo close in size, sashing would not be necessary.  I'm not sure how I am going to lay these out just yet.  I think I like them in this position with the solid white block in the top left corner of each block.  I will rearrange the colors.  I need to research a few more on the internet.  Let me know if you see any amazing quilts made with these blocks!
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joe tulips said...

This is what I thought I would do with mine...but I too will play and research a bit before committing to any layout. I love these blocks.

Kathy S. said...

I love these blocks too. I need to see what they look like set on point. I haven't done an "on point" quilt yet.

Lin said...

They look lovely - will make a beautiful quilt.