Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The "Chair" Part of my Nolting 23XL

When I was teaching a teen to longarm last week, I explained one of my theories:  the chair part.  What is the chair part?

You see, my Nolting 23XL sits in the living room of our "new" house that we have been building ourselves since 1998.  The room has everything I need for a great longarm room.  The floor is still plywood and is not finished.  I put the batting that has not run through the quilting process yet on chairs so that it does not touch the dirty floor.

The chair part is when you have quilted enough on the quilt to be able to move the chairs and the batting does not hit the floor.  That's when I get excited that the quilt is almost done.  Why is the batting for this quilt so wide?  That's what the customer gave me to use.  I leave it attached and give it all back to her for use on another quilt...

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  1. What an interesting technique, Kathy. Smart thinking! And happy almost finished quilt, too.