Saturday, July 20, 2019

Pink 4-Patch Blocks

Part of my sewing activities this week was to clean up my desk after being done with the pinks for the month.  (I'm done cutting... I still have some owls to sew.)  I made a bunch of 4-patches.  I use 4-patch blocks as leader/enders often.  I love Bonnie Hunter designs.  They often take 4-patches.  Although I don't know where things will end up, I usually have a supply of 200-300 4-patches at any given time in a box.

I made these on Monday

Tuesday was busy.  I had time to make these and clean up a couple of other colors that were just sitting there in the bin.

Oh, before I forget to tell you.  I found a ton of cool FREE patterns here.  It's time to start thinking of my 2020 RSC projects!

Then I sewed more things with pink scraps this month and threw the left overs on a pile.  Finally I put in a good dvd (Night School with Kevin Hart was really funny).  Hunter Killer was good...  and made more four pink four patches...

On Wednesday I decided to mix it up a bit and finish Clue #1 of Kevin the Quilter's SSSSQ but with 1.5" squares.  Yes, I already completed Clue #2 with the 2.5" squares.  I'm an over achiever every once in a while.  This is SSSSQ quilt #2 in a different size.

MORE 4-patches on Thursday

And then there was a time for a little sewing on Friday!

The funny thing about working with scraps of a specific color is that when I'm done making my block(s) for the RSC19 is that there are MORE scraps left over.  While making something I throw my scraps on my computer desk (which is located directly behind my sewing machine.)  I like to cut them into usable pieces while watching a good movie.

I usually keep my scraps as such:
Big pieces (over 5" square) and yardage in totes by color
2.5" strips in art bins (all colors/prints in one; all neutrals in another)
1.5" strips in art bins (all colors/prints in one; all neutrals in another)
strings (in totes by color)
2.5" squares (in one stack-able crate--all colors/prints in one; all neutrals in another)
1.5" squares (in one stack-able crate--all colors/prints in one; all neutrals in another)

I'm linking up with Angela at SoScrappy for the RSC19.  Check out all of the creative links today at RSC19.


  1. you've made amazing progress with these pink scraps Kathy. They will make a really pretty quilt one day.

  2. Thanks for the link to all those free quilts, lots of possibilities for next year RSC blocks

  3. Thank for the pattern link and for sharing your PINK progress for the RSC!!

  4. Love your pink 4 patch blocks. Good idea to have lots of those made ahead. So many things one can do with them. Like you, I cut my scraps into useable strips and squares. Saves time, controls my scraps, and I'm ready to make blocks.

  5. You have such a pretty assortment of pinks. And had such a productive week. Thanks for sharing the free pattern link. Amazing designs there.

  6. That's a load of 4-patches! Thanks for sharing how you store your scraps and the link for free patterns. You're right -- not too early to start thinking about RSC2020!

  7. What a lot of four patches. Good think they are so versatile.

    I like to do the same thing with scraps left over from scraps...cut them into sizes I save. Then when a bin gets full I decide on a project and very little cutting is required so I can sew like the wind.