Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The start of the Supernova blocks

Now that I have my other quilting obligations done for April I can concentrate on the Supernova quilt-along a little better.  I put together two of the groups today.  This is the one that I thought I would like... (and I like it).
Remember, these are the four points of the block and not the center.  The other instructions will come on Thursday of this week.

I'm not sure of how I like the yellow on yellow as my second color on this next one.
I'm going to let it ride for now.  I have 10 more sets to make (12 blocks vs. the 9 in the pattern).  I am learning new skills and techniques with this quilt-along.  It is time consuming to draw the line from corner to corner, but well worth it.  It is also something that I can't have "help" from my four-year-old, because I have to pay attention to what is going in which direction.  I'll have to do this one when he's sleeping.  I also can't bear to throw away the little half triangles that I cut from each of the eight rectangles... so I end up sewing them together for future scrap projects.

No more quilting for today.  An exciting evening is planned.  Yes, I used to go to a lot of hair band concerts in the 80's.  The best seats I ever had were four row tickets to see Twisted Sister.  Tonight I have tickets to see Elmo.  Boy, times have changed.

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  1. the yellow and yellow makes a different kind of block look I think, the one is a big star, and the other is a star with the end bits shot out to the side, if that makes sense, I think they would both look great, but you would probably need other ones shot off to the side too or you could make that one a focal point.

    So far when I have needed to draw lots of corner to corner lines, I sit in bed with a stable surface on my lap and watch telly while I am doing it:) Have fun at Elmo!