Saturday, April 23, 2011

My First Mystery Quilt

I love love love Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts.  Unforunately she is not doing right now.  I know I could go back and do one of them, but my problem is that I can't wait to solve the mystery.  Now that all the directions and clues are posted I just can't stop clicking through them and getting to the end.  I will definitely be on board the next time she does one!  But for now I was told about a mystery quilt at
It's called Our Susannah at Erik Homemade Coffee Break. 

Funny I had an "inspriation" for the colors for this quilt.  First of all I was looking to use up scraps, scraps, remnants, and more remnants.  I have had boxes labeled "quilt jeans" for over ten years.  Well, today's the day.  My inspriation colors for this quilt is "My Husband's Laundry". 

Can you see the colors of my husband's work clothes in these fabrics?  There are five different denims.  Some of them have a little character with some concrete or white paint stains.  I also had some Keepsake Calico print that looked like the hankerchiefs (bandana type) that he uses.  The camel color looks just like his Carharts.  The navy reminds me of his sweatshirts and underwear.  Even though he doesn't wear floral prints, I put the beige and off white prints in to remind me of his new and older socks.  There is a white cloudy type swirl that was one of my grandma's fabrics.  I have been waiting to use some of her stash!  I LOVE these colors!!!  Since the first instruction that we got on Monday, 4/18, was to cut fabrics in 2" strips I thought this would be the perfect project for these fabrics.  I am supposed to have only ten strips of five fabrics.  But since my jeans didn't measure the full 44" like the other fabrics, I had to make due and just make more strips.  This should give me some additional color combo options.  I can't wait to see how this  mystery ends!  Stay tuned!  Since the first instruction was so easy, there's plenty of time for you to join me. 

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