Thursday, July 6, 2017

Warning: Dangerous Quilt

Warning:  Dangerous Quilt Ahead -- to chickens that is...

This morning I tried and tried to get a photo of my chicks that were hatched on Father's Day (6/18/17).  I set quite a welcoming breakfast of feed and melon.

 I let just the mama (Varigated) and her chicks out of the coop.  They would not come close.
This is how close the chicks would get under strict supervision of their mama.

One chick put its little foot on the quilt and Mama started clucking her warning sound.

I'm working on my 2017 Pets on Quilts photo.    It won't be long until it all starts.
It's time to think about the 2017 Pet's On Quilts.  Check out Lily Pad Quilting to grab the button!
Then I set it out for the rest of the flock and tempted them with muskmelon.  The LOVE the seeds!  Millie, my Speckled Sussex in the left of the photo was the most interested.
Finally!  A PET is on the quilt!
An older hen, Blondie, looks on.  She wants those seeds too!
Little Red sneaks in front of Blondie and joins Millie on the quilt -- two pets on the quilt!

I'm not sure which photo I'll enter for the contest.  I may keep trying...

I finished this little 32" square table topper that I call Festive Fall Finish on 10/11/13.  I was inspired to make it after seeing this quilt on Pinterest.  ~~Squirrel...  Yes, I had to search my Pinterest board to find that reference today... I lost about an hour of the day there.  Soooo much inspiration on Pinterest!  I need to control myself and not start too many projects (although I know for sure there will be two new ones next week.  Stay tuned.)


  1. Those pictures are adorable. Love all those sweet chickens, nervous about being the first one to try out the quilt. It made me smile. Have a great day! --Andrea

  2. What a great entry it will be for Pets on Quilts! LOL I have a broody Buff Orpington that has hatched out 4 chicks today.....2 more to go, and she will have 100% success rate!