Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Alycia Quilts Mystery A6 and Sapphire Stars with Kevin the Quilter

There are two super tempting mystery quilts happening RIGHT NOW.  One with fabric requirements posted today is at Alycia Quilts.  She makes gorgeous Quilts of Valor.  She claims that each clue will take ONE HOUR OR LESS.  I'm up to the challenge!  Here's the button from her page:

There is also Sapphire Stars with Kevin the Quilter.  The clues for this mystery quilt come out once a month.  No stress.  Just use those scraps for a good cause.  The finished quilt for Kevin's mystery are about 70" x 90".

You know, I love these two bloggers to PIECES (literally, scrappy pieces), and I wasn't going to do either of these QA's.  But then my good, quilty friend, Joy, helped me put everything into perspective and justify sewing along.  Welcome to the big 5-O club, Joy!  Happy belated birthday!

Gotta run the kid and the pet around today.  Dentist... vet... baseball...  Hopefully in the middle of the me and my little helper (who's really 10 now) will have fun pulling fabrics for these QA's.  He LOVES to do that!  Add two to the list!

My helper (our 10-year old son, Owen) helped sort for two hours today.  That's enough.  You can see the Accuquilt GO! Baby in the background.  I'm going to let him cut the 3.5" squares with it after we get more sorting done.

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  1. We love you too Kathy! Thanks for playing along! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send Owen to help me too!!!!!