Monday, July 10, 2017

Blue & Yellow Charity Quilt on the Frame

I'll be 52 in August.  I guess I'm at that point in my life when hot flashes take over and I just throw things off to the side or set them down at random.  Or, it could be that I keep hearing voices...  They are usually saying Mom, mom, Mom, Mommy...  Funny, it sounds JUST LIKE our son, Owen...  (yes, it's him.)


Anywho... I couldn't figure out why my friend paid for me to longarm eight quilts when I only took pictures of six.  Today I found the two other quilts that she gave me.  Now I remember we were talking about this and that when she was showing me her quilts.  There were too many quilts to fit into the bin that she had them and I put them in a bin with a lid.  I found them TODAY when I was looking for a guild project to longarm (like a baby quilt) to give me a gratifying finish.  Not only did I find the customer's two quilts, but I also found several guild project quilts.

I finished the red/white/blue quilt on Sunday and then threw this little crib quilt on the frame.  I'll get nice photos of the red/white/blue when I can.  For now I'm moving this little crib quilt forward.

It's a simple quilt.  I'm quilting it with an R&S Template this time.  This template is called Double Bubble.  It's just a bunch of circles.  I think it gives the baby quilt a sweet texture and some interest to the simple checkerboard pattern of squares.

You can find the template on the R&S Designs site here.  They are having a vacation sale now through 7/17.  Now's the time to order.  They have all kinds of pattern boards.  Here's what he board looks like.  I'm used to the nice size of the Circle Lord boards.  These boards are smaller (like 22") so you need to order more if you want to do a larger quilt.  They also fit together with O-rings vs. hooking together firmly like a puzzle piece.  Here's the photo of the pattern from their site: 

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  1. That's a fun quilting design

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Well, I'm glad you found them before your customer had to ask about them. You are not alone on any of those amusing things (well maybe the mom, mommy, etc. thing). The hot flashes may come back randomly - not to burst your happy bubble. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Those bubbles look great on the baby quilt. I find it amazing that on the picture you can't really see the connecting lines very well. Don't you hate it when you find tops ready to go and you have to add them to the UFO list?

  4. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration and link to the Show and Tell Monday !! Hug Bambi

  5. Lots of lovely and fun projects. I love the bubble design on the quilting. It goes perfectly with that baby quilt. Have fun with your machine this week! --Andrea

  6. Very fun quilting motif for the baby quilt. The memory stuff just seems to get worse, at least that's what my family says. They tell me I'm forgetting stuff, but I truly don't remember forgetting. LOL

  7. Oh, that sounds like something I would do, setting things aside, or finding a different waiting place, and not knowing they were even there afterward! :) I just started using my longarm yesterday, so I'm about to try my hand out on a pantograph today. I can already tell it may not be my favorite thing with my current setup - the red light dot from the laser pointer really wants to be a migraine trigger. bleh!

  8. What a fun quilting pattern! Perfect choice for your baby quilt! Thank you so much for sharing!