Monday, July 17, 2017

Moving It Forward Monday

I'm moving this little panel quilt forward to get it off my big WIP list.  I'm trying a clam shell quilting design on it.  I'll have to say, I bought this board a while back.  This little Baseball Bears is a charity quilt for my local quilt guild.

It is not one of my favorites.  But it does quilt quickly on little quilts such as this.  I only have enough board to quilt little quilts such as this.  When I purchased it I thought I could just frog hop the boards as I went along.  That was a pain.  If I'm going to do larger quilts with this pattern I'll need to purchase another board from R&S Design.

I'm linking up at Em's Scrapbag for Moving It Forward. 


  1. Cute quilt that I am sure some child will love.

  2. how cute - someone will just love it

  3. That will be make a great charity quilt. My aunt used to buy a lot of these style of fabrics back in the '90s. She made a lot of quilts of her great-nieces and -nephews before she passed away. I don't think I've seen one in quite a while. It makes me a bit nostalgic. Have a great day! --Andrea

  4. Cute little quilt! Perfect for a charity quilt.