Thursday, July 13, 2017

Double Bubble Longarm Quilting Practice

I'm really liking this Double Bubble template board.  I'm practicing on these local quilt guild charity quilts because I really want to do it on an embroidered quilt that a customer gave me.  I really think she's going to like the modern look to it.  This little quilt was on and off the longarm today.

It's another simple quilt like the one I quilted for the guild earlier this week.  This one had a different block pattern and I backed it with flannel.  I'm quilting it with an R&S Template this time.  This template is called Double Bubble.  It's just a bunch of circles.  I think it gives the baby quilt a sweet texture and some interest to the simple checkerboard pattern of squares.

You can find the template on the R&S Designs site here.  They are having a vacation sale now through 7/17.  Now's the time to order.  They have all kinds of pattern boards.  Here's what he board looks like.  I'm used to the nice size of the Circle Lord boards.  These boards are smaller (like 22") so you need to order more if you want to do a larger quilt.  They also fit together with O-rings vs. hooking together firmly like a puzzle piece.  Here's the photo of the pattern from their site:

Double Bubble

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