Thursday, December 26, 2013

Old Quilt on the Frame -- LQG Charity Quilt

I picked up a few quilts from our LQG to longarm last week.  When I picked up this one I didn't realize that it was hand pieced.  That means easy on the tension.  I don't want to pop those seams.  I set up my "Tickle" pantograph.  One of my goals for 2014 is to learn how to follow a pantograph.  I can see I'll need a lot of practice.  Luckily this one is very forgiving. 

Will today be the day I work on those Chevrons for Celtic Solstice?  Tomorrow is clue 5 day.


  1. Looks pretty good to me! With pantos, practice makes perfect :*) I love the "Tickle" design. Happy New Year!!!

  2. I have tried to follow a panto but it makes me car sick! just like when I was little and we went on those twisty, curvy roads. You have done a great job with this one.