Saturday, July 2, 2011

We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler - Block 3

Block 3 is called Churn Dash.  Great job, Leila, in describing two different methods of half square triangles.  I prefer the cut to size method (today...)  You can see her post at

I made it without looking at the colors used in my other blocks.  I knew that the blue with the brown specks was my background, but I didn't realize that I used the dark brown in all the blocks.  Apparently I like that color.  It was a remnant from JoAnns.  Looks like I need to dig into my stash a little more for some variations of brown.  But I still LOVE it.  I will have plent more blocks to incorporate other browns.  The next block will probably have some of my orange tones in it as well.  Here it is.
Here it is hanging out with its friends so far:

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I think I have selected fabrics for the Summer Sampler Series Quiltalong.  I'm not sure about the top color (it may have too much red in it.)  I think I will find a few calicos that will blend in with these in my stash.  Except for the muslin type background ($3 of fabric) I got the rest of this stash at two different garage sales this summer.  Other fabric was about $2.75.  So far I have $5.75 in this quilt.  Gotta love that.  I plan to use many many more of my garage sale finds in future quiltalongs.  I need to build my skills before I start shopping at quilt stores for fabrics.

150px Summer Sampler Series Badge


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  1. Ooooh love your fabrics for the summer sampler!

  2. Very nice. I know you'll enjoy working with those fabrics!