Friday, July 8, 2011

We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler Bonus Block

This week Leila discussed how to figure out how to make your own block.  I was pretty excited this week because I have been wanting to reproduce a block that my grandma used on a quilt (probably in the 50's or early 60's -- maybe even sooner...)  I could have easily looked on Quilt Blocks Galore for the Dutchman's Puzzle.  Instead I put it on graph paper.  I'm glad I did because now I can recreate my grandma's block.  The internet shows the block at a finished 12".  That is what I made.  BUT my grandmother's block is 9" finished and I wouldn't have known how to figure it.  Thanks, Leila.  Here's the 12" (12.5") block:

OOPS!  Rotate the block so that the dark orange is at the top left (or 90 degrees clockwise) and then it will look like the drawing...

Here's a few pics of the quilt that my grandma made years ago.  It is all hand sewn.  There were no rotary cutters.  She must have made the quilt so that I would fit the bed; there is a half row in there.  The bottom row looks like she sewed it upsidedown.  Now that I think of it, this quilt could be much much older.  I don't have any idea and all I have to go by is the fabric.  Any guesses?  It might have been made by my great grandmother... I'm not really sure.  My grandmother had so many "grand champion" quilts from the Ohio State Fair that each of her grandkids have one or two of them.  The skills on this quilt don't match those quilts.  I guess I'll never really know.  Here's some pics anyways...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the center of this quilt was done with straight line quilting and then the borders are different.  I won't have to decide how I want to quilt the one I would love to make.  BUT mine will all be by machine. 


  1. I am not a quilt historian, so I can't help you with the age. Could the fabric be from feedsacks?
    I really love old quilts, though. What a treasure! I hope you can get some feedback on how old it might be!

  2. That is great! I love your block and your grandmother's quilt.