Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Excavation Continues

Wow, I praise God for giving me my husband.  My husband is amazing at earth work.  This is what the new driveway area looked like last week:

It two days it looked like this:

View out of the green house (the house we live in) off of the front porch to the road.

View to the north of the house off the front porch of the green house:

View from the green house back porch (that we live in) to the new house (below).  My longarm and the bulk of my scrap fabrics are in the new house.

They are taking down my old clothesline.  This is where I used to hang my quilts for photos.  There are no trees to attach the other end of the line to anymore.

...having that discussion with my husband about power lines and phone lines...  The big green mound left to the right is mostly topsoil.  This is where the fox den has been the past few years.  I don't think they are in there this year.

It's raining this morning.  My husband will be going on a road trip to get parts for the dozer.  I am anxious to see what he gets in to next and where all the water runs.  He's amazing about planning for this since he has been working construction almost 35 years.

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  1. Is that a 4-car garage on the new house??? DH would be incredibly jealous!