Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Instant Cutting Table

I bought a $3 computer bag at a garage sale.  It works perfectly for hauling my cutting projects to school.  It's somewhat heavy, but the straps work great.  Look how fast I converted this teacher's desk into a cutting table!

I have a few students that visit my blog from time to time.  I love it when they play, "Where in the school is Mrs. S?"  I feel the love.

Our ELVES and Barbie have been busy.  I caught them having a sleepover in the linen closet.  Shhhh.  Our son hasn't found them yet.  LOL.  He thinks they are still at the North Pole.

The weather was unseasonably warm this weekend at 62 degrees F.  Whohoo!

On a fun note, I finally was able to pick up the wild kitten that has been living with my chickens for a couple of months.  Don't mind my hair... I went to bed with it wet AND quilted all day...


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  1. It was warm yesterday and a bit cooler today. Glad that O had some fun with Dad!!