Monday, December 17, 2018

Clue #4 Good Fortune String Piecing the Accuquilt Way

Again Bonnie Hunter is keeping me guessing with another great mystery.  I'm linking up to her blog today at the Mystery Monday Link-Up on Bonnie's blog.  This quilt is called Good Fortune.  I LOVE strings!  Here's how I tackled the process.

The foundation I used was the paper that comes from a roll of Warm & Natural batting.  I cut it in the desired width that will work with my strip dies.  (I'm not going to mention sizes or die numbers.  You can figure that out by referring to Bonnie's clues.)

I piece strips.  I can fold a long strip at least once in my die, but I try not to do too many layers.

Here they are on the die.  I folded it once the full length and there was a little bit left over to fold.

They I crank them through the Accuquilt.  The strips are cut to the perfect width.  I just need to cut to length and removed the papers.

Here they are... I'm ready for Clue #5.  I love looking at these fabrics.  What fun.  I see onion rings, flames, fish, Christmas clothes, pumpkins, mice...OH MY!  I see checks, solids, prints, and even some of the finest batiks.  Happy string piecing, ya'll.

Orange is one of my FAVORITE colors for in quilts.  Unfortunately it is one of the colors of which I have the least.  I did get a chance to sort my 30 gallon tote of orange.  Strings and small pieces are on the remaining pile.  Bigger "chunks" and yardage on the other side.

My copy of String Frenzy arrived this week.  I think Sand Castles might be the first quilt I allow myself to start in 2019.  I'd like to get a few more quilts finished before starting that one.  But it never hurts to have 4-patches as my leader/ender project!


  1. Great idea using the paper from the warm and natural. Your strings look amazing. So many great fabrics!

  2. Great looking string blocks with a lovely variety of color and shapes

  3. What a great way to short-cut this step!