Monday, December 31, 2018

Butternut Squash Soup -- Mmmmm!

On Saturday I posted about my butternut squash crop.  I started baking it then.  You can read about it in this blog post.  Today I had some time to finish it.  It turned out WONDERFUL.  I am already planning a huge row of butternut squash in my 2019 summer garden.

My sink looked like this for a few hours.  It wouldn't have taken that long if I weren't doing other things. 

I love my Ninja blender.  It mixes the butternut squash and broth base mix into very smooth texture.

I made 15 quarts (plus the big bowl I ate)  Yum!

I put these into Ball brand canning jars.  I didn't know until a few years ago that you could also freeze in the canning jars.  Next year I will research if butternut squash soup can be canned vs. frozen so that I don't take up too much of our valuable freezer space.
I kept perfecting the recipe.  At first it was a little too thick and it was a little much for the blender to handle the volume.  After I tasted the sweet soup I didn't want to waste another drop and made it thinner.  (Don't mind the remainder of my kid's chicken wrap on the tray.  LOL.)
My final recipe that worked the best for me was:
1 cup of baked butternut squash pulp
3 teaspoons of chicken broth base mix
dissolved in 1 cup of warm water
plus 1/2 cup of water
BLEND for about 20 seconds
Place into jars leaving 1.5" head space

Oh, and by the way... It only took about this many butternut squash to make 15 quarts.

I put all the ingredients in my Lose-It app.  It's only 71 calories for two cups of it!

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  1. It looks wonderful and locally I feel like its a dessert in a soup bowl. An idea for saving freezer space would be to perhaps freeze the pulp in 1 cup allotments (recipe sized) portions. Then thaw and mix with water and the chicken base when to reheat the squash for a meal. The only prob with that is you wouldn't have the whipped effect of the ninja.

    Looks wonderful.