Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Whimsy Flimsy!

I can't believe that I finished this quilt top!  Normally once I finish the blocks they sit and sit on the shelf waiting for me to get into the mood to sash them and put them together.  It's gloomy and cold (in the 20's in Ohio), but this little quilt is bright and cheery.

After a quilt top is made it sits on the shelf longer until I make a quilt back.  Well, when I was looking through my stash I found the right amount of backing fabric for a perfect back.  Woohoo!  I cut it and sewed it together and a back was made!  Who is this girl???

The back is all of the pink color.  Don't mind the excess hanging down over the top.  I just didn't want too much of it to hit the snowy ground.
And then what happened almost NEVER happens...  I gathered all the little ends of the strips for the project and cut them up into usable pieces (2.5" strips, 1.5" strips, 2.5" squares, 1.5" squares...)  Again, who is this girl???  Is my motto for 2019 already starting to sit in with me?
Finish what you started. 

This pattern is called Catchin' Some Rays.  It was designed by Barbara Jones.  It measures approx. 52.5" x 72.5".  Except for replacing the applique flowers with EPP hexagon flowers, the pattern is as it's supposed to be!  I rarely do that either.  It was a lot of fun being one of my first EPP hexie projects.  It was fun to keep it going in my sew-to-go bag.  I made great progress.  The original pattern, Catchin' Some Rays was published in McCall's Quilting, January/February 2013 issue.