Monday, December 10, 2018

Good Fortune Clue #3 ALREADY!!! My Accuquilt Way

Today I had time to work on Clue #3 for Bonnie Hunter's 2018 mystery quilt called Good Fortune.  I am linking up to Bonnie's linky party at Quiltville's Quips & Snips here.  Look how fun the colors of the first three clues combined are in the little bin above!

Clue #3 left me play with the green scraps in the 30 gallon tub.  Boy, there are a lot of different varieties of green.  I'm so glad Bonnie gives us a paint chip color to help.  See it laying on top?
I cut the rectangles and the triangles with my Accuquilt dies.  I use the stitch and flip method for the blocks this clue.  It's stitch on the HST using a 1/4" seam.  Make sure the triangle is lined up on two sides of the rectangle.  Flip and press.  Sew on another HST.  Flip and press.  Done deal!

I didn't get all of my smaller HST sewn.  I used a different Accuquilt die to cut these.  I was able to use my 2.5" strips in my scrap saver's system.  I put the strips on the die and cranked them through.  They were neatly cut in no time.  I love the mindless sewing of chain piecing.  I'll pop in a dvd that I got from the local library and stitch and stitch.  Then I'll pop in another dvd and press and press.  Clue #3 will be done in no time. :)

I love the look of a fresh stack of blocks!  I learned from the first Bonnie Hunter mystery not to go crazy and lay out all my blocks for a photo.  When the time comes to put the units together, it's a lot easier if they are all stacked the same in their bin.  At that point it will just build a block and go.  I'll admire and comment on all these beautiful, fun scraps when I get to putting blocks together or when it's on the longarm.

 It was only 21 degrees here in Ohio, but our elf, Chippy, and his friends Barbie and Blue went out in the cold to hide in the wreath on the front door.  Brrrr.  Happy sewing!


  1. What a stack of wonderful blocks! Well on your way.

  2. Great job keeping up with the clues.

  3. Lovely post, I agree with your observation about keeping the mystery parts as individual units until the reveal is made!! Your greens are very cheery and - I thought I seen snow out your window.