Saturday, January 30, 2016

Scrap Saturday RSC16 The Last of the Blues

It's really not the last of the blues for me.  Blues and greens are more than double in my scrap totes than any other colors.  I should sort them by lights, mediums, and darks.  But these are the last of the blue BLOCKS this month for the RSC16.

I managed to finish the blue blocks needed for the borders for Folk Art Birds from Kathy Doughty's book, Making Quilts.

What I can show you is that I worked on these blocks.  I got the pattern from Tamarack Shack.  It's called the Low Volume Plus Sew Along.  Yes, I didn't need another sew along, but it worked so well with what I am working on.  Here's some of the blue plus blocks I made with misc. neutrals for the backgrounds.  It will be my 2016 scrap project for It All ADDS UP! #APQQuiltalong.


What I can't show you is the awesome Soul Searching block that I made for my besty on the other side of the USA.  (I'm in Ohio -- She's in California).  Julianne blogs at Quilting With Calicos .  We found each other through QA's and such.  This year we decided to do a whole quilt top and then swap the tops in the end.  It's one of the blocks that we are making for the RSC16, but we won't post the big reveal until our tops have been swapped.

I loved this quilt when I first saw the idea of it on Kevin the Quilter's blog here, in September 2013.

Here's a link to the book by Kathy Doughty:

Making Quilts with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession: 21 Authentic Projects  I was lucky enough to get a copy of the book through our LOCAL LIBRARY!!!

I'm linking up with Angela's blog, SoScrappy here for the RSC16 linky party.  Click by to see the others' scrappy goodness!



  1. Those plus blocks are so much fun. Always great to combine different challenges. I have always loved the soul searching quilt. What a great scrap user.

  2. The soul searching quilt is such a great project. You can really get some wonderful movement by carefully placing your fabrics. Great blue blocks - I love the pluses.

  3. Great scrappy blues! I hate to see this month come to an end!

  4. Sometimes it's hard to resist a sew along... whether you NEED another project or not!! Enjoy! Those blocks are going to make a beautiful quilt.

  5. Have fun swapping with Julianne! I love all of Kathy Doughty's books/patterns.

    I just got my mag yesterday and was eyeing that plus block! It should be fun with scraps.

  6. You are lucky to have so many great scraps, and doing,fun things with them. The Plus quilt is an easy pattern, so have fun with it.

  7. You have made such beautiful blocks x

  8. Your blues look great! Those plus blocks look like such fun, and perfect for RSC!
    Kathy Doughty's book is on my wishlist. Enjoy!

  9. Cute Plus blocks! Love your idea for a quilt top swap - what fun!

  10. Love those plus blocks, they will help eat up the neutral scraps.

  11. Love your blue prints and blocks. I have a lot of blue scraps let, too.