Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hello World

Good morning new world.  This little chick hatched today.

This is the proud rooster, Wiggles.

"Martin", a Red Sex Link (breed sold by TSC) could possibly be the mom.  (She's the one on the right, pictured below.)

Here's this chick's sibling, still wet from hatching.  I just missed it.  But there are four more eggs to hatch and surrogate mama hen is still sitting on the eggs patiently.

The blue/green egg has a pip in it.  Sadly the second chick to hatch (pictured by these eggs) didn't make it. 

About two hours later after I saw the above pip on the blue/green egg, this adorable grey one hatched!
This is what the Easter Egger Americana chick looked like after it dried.
After church I checked and there is ANOTHER grey chick!!!  I wasn't expecting this color!!! Whohoo!

And here's the proud mama to the little grey one.  I know this one is hers because she laid the egg the same day I gave her eggs to sit on.  It was her last egg before brooding.  She's having a bad hair day right now and looking a little rough.  Brooding is hard work.