Sunday, September 28, 2014

Celtic Solstice Motivation

It's only a matter of time before October is here and Bonnie Hunter announces the colors of the 2014 Mystery quilt.  I decided to dust off my Celtic Solstice BOXES and get busy.  This weekend I finished 62 of Block A:  54-40 or Fight!

I'm so happy that I have learned early to keep projects like this nice and organized with all of the blocks going the same way.  Yes, I know it's fun to lay them all out and look at the progress...  just make sure you put them back nicely.  I don't like to have to rework (iron) disorderly blocks.

For my notes...

For the SMALL quilt, Make 24 blocks.
For the LARGE quilt, Make 60 blocks.

Press  seams AWAY from the star points units and toward the 4 patch units.  Keep all of your oranges in the 4-patches going the same direction!
Now I need to suck it up and make the rest of those bazillion chevron blocks that I need to finish Block B.  Here's what I have now for that...

Then we need to make Block B:  Birthday Girl Block from 100 blocks Vol 2!

For the Small Quilt, Make 25 blocks
For the Large Quilt, Make 61 blocks
Press seams toward the chevron units and away from the split triangle corner units.



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