Friday, September 12, 2014

Born on the 4th -- A Friday Finish

It's quite fitting that I put the final stitches on this little quilt yesterday, 9/11.  I thought of all of the family that lost loved ones during the whole 9/11 events.

This quilt is Born on the 4th.  It was in McCall's Quilting, May/June 2014.

I like the motion that the Circle Lord Swirls gave it in the quilting.

See that little strip on the very bottom?  That's a mistake!  I knew I didn't have much fabric for the back.  I tried to quilt it by adding "dummy" fabric to the ends and centering it on the longarm.  Well, I missed.  I was going to enter this quit in the county fair, but did not because of that bottom strip.  I could have cut off the border, but I liked it the way the pattern was written.  It will just be part of this quilt's "story".  It will hang on the wall and nobody will see it.  The darker fabric on the top is the hanging sleeve.  It matches the border.  That part was planned.

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  1. It looks really great, even with the oops on the back. I learned that lesson myself a couple of years ago and now plan my pieced backs better.

  2. It's beautiful, Kathy and your quilting is wonderful! Great job!