Monday, June 16, 2014

No Quilts -- My 2014 Garden

No quilt updates today.  I have been busy in my garden.  Here's some pictures of the start of it.  This is what it looks like right from my kitchen porch.  My husband made this little tier garden for me.

Lettuce, kale, swiss chard.  There's also a couple of cherry tomato plants in there.

Tomatoes, fresh mint, peppers of all colors.

Cucumbers and acorn squash.  Zucchini on the bottom tier.

I put the chickens inside my "old" garden location.  Next I put two new garden fences inside the chicken area.  The chickens haven't gotten in to the tomato/pepper section.  I know they can get in to the bean/beet section because it isn't as tall.  We'll see how things go when the plants appear.

 Here you can see my chicken helper feeding the chickens next to the garden inside the garden.


  1. Yay, oh my gosh it all looks great! Love the terraced raised beds, so nice!

  2. Very nice! We sometimes have trouble with our chickens getting too bold in our garden.