Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nested Churn Dash QA

I've decided to make a small table topper (one block) of the Nested Churn Dash.  Warning... this block is quite addicting.  It's very fun.  Since I've made one, I will keep this one on the list for future quilts.  Check out Sherri's blog, A Quilting Life for the blog hop details.  You can check out the Want It, Need It, Quilt flickr group.

Here's my block:

Believe it or not, I have already quilted it!!!  I knew my longarm would be tied up for a while, so I threw it on and off.  I love how the quilting came out.  Sorry to be such a tease, but you'll have to wait for the reveal on a Friday Finish.  I just need to get the binding done.  Fun project, fun, fun!

Nested Churn Dash


  1. great block. I nearly joined in this one but really have too much on my plate right now quilting wise so I had to be strong and resist xx

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