Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where I Sew

Jennifer  from Ellison Lane is having a blog hop featuring some of our favorite blogger's pretty sewing rooms.  Here's mine, but it isn't "pretty".  Everything is packed into this small 8' x 10' space.  This is also where I use my computer and work from home.  I know where most things are.  I have tons of WIPS.  It isn't pretty, but it's mine and a lot of pretty stuff comes out of here.  We live in an old farmhouse.  We are building a house on the same property on which we live (behind our current old farmhouse.)  Someday...  We are doing everything ourselves on the new house.  It has been a WIP for quite a while.  I'm not in a hurry to get it done.  We are very content where we are.  BUT now my longarm is in the new house and I LOVE all the space I have there.  So here's my sewing space:

Here's where my longarm is in the new house:

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  1. Wow! Looks like my sewing room...I call it "Creative Chaos"...your longarm area is awesome!!

  2. I know that I will have to plan a studio space in our next house. The one in this house wasn't planned to be my studio and it isn't nearly big enough.

  3. Hey, your space is beautiful~you know you want to be there all the time! Oh, and go ahead and get the new house done: you'll love it, too.

  4. I love your little studio space, it looks perfect to me. I work in creative chaos, too.