Sunday, August 25, 2013

Circle Lord Swirlz

Several people here and on some of the Yahoo groups have asked me how I make my swirls on my quilts.  Here's a picture of my template board that I purchased from Circle Lord.  I LOVE this pattern.  It is very versatile. 

As you can see, it sits on the table of the longarm frame.  I follow the grooves in the template with a stylist.  I work from the back of the quilt when I do this.  This particular board goes the length of my frame (almost).  It accommodates a king-sized quilt if necessary.  Note:  I am not using this template for the quilt loaded on the frame.  Here's some photos of quilts I have done using the Circle Lord Swirlz template set.

Soooo versatile!!!


  1. Love the circles! And that football quilt is awesome!

  2. The quilting looks awesome. Great finishes.

  3. It must be a great tool for long-arming. Your spirals are PERFECT! Thanks for joining the Tools & Gadgets Linky party on the Block Lotto.