Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Star Surround Flying Geese

Here's the progress of my flying geese for my Star Surround blocks for the QA at Happy Quilting.  My geese are made of two HST because the whole quilt was cut with Accuquilt dies.  You also get to see the other fabric I am using for this quilt.  This quilt started out very, very traditional as a two fabric quilt.  BUT I realized after cutting the print HST that I was 69 triangles short of what I needed.  I added the green/blue print as pictured.  So now my traditional quilt will be "modern".  But then again, will it really be modern?  Isn't this what my grandma would have done???  Yes, she would have picked another fabric and just kept going.  So now my traditional gone modern is really modern going back to traditional.

(Ewww! Don't you just love my icky towel that I use as an ironing board... It's a sentimental towel that belonged to my Aunt.  It just works perfectly.  Why change it if it works perfectly?)
Check out what the others are doing in this step and oooh and ahhh over their fabrics at Melissa's blog, Happy Quilting.

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  1. They look fantastic. And yes, I totally think that is what our Grandmother's would do. Awesome!!