Saturday, July 20, 2013

Party at the Garage Sale!

This is some of the fabric that was left at an area quilter's garage sale after many many of my LQG members were there.  I know of at least eight of the members of my LQG were there before me.  BUT I'm soooo happy with the finds that I did get!  Whohoo!  Look at all of this yardage!  There's 60+ yards here.  This should make some nice quilt backs.

See that bundle in the bottom left? (minus the black on the bottom).  That will be my next QA at Happy Quilting stuff (Star Surround) -- I think.  We'll see the fab requirements next week.  See all those different plaids on the front right?  That's for my chicken quilt and my schoolhouse quilt.  See that white stuff on the back left?  Yep... white on white, baby!  That's my favorite one.  It's sitting on top of EIGHT yards of backing form something.  Happy dance happy dance.

Can you believe that I looked and looked and there was NO oranges or aqua to be found at the WHOLE garage sale?  Somebody had to have gotten it.  This lady had everything.

Oh, and on a happy note I sold my first quilt yesterday!!!  Woot woot.  AND the nice lady wants another one (possibly in August).  I'll be cutting it on vacation.


  1. yay! You and I are really collecting lots of scraps and stash from people lately...score! You got a nice lot there...some pretty pretty stuff for sure! Come home, I miss emailing you~!

  2. Major score! I guess I need to get out looking too.