Wednesday, April 10, 2013

White Out!

Look at this HUGE pile of "whites".  My friend, Judy, and her church sewing group was cleaning out the cupboards to make room for some cute print donations.  They had way too much white.  I put the 2-liter Coke bottle next to it to show you the mountain.  It filled a 19 gallon storage bin!  Whohoo!  Thanks goodness this scrappy girl won't let it go to waste!  Some of it will be experimental dye projects too!  Can't wait!!!

I have a batch of fabric in the washing machine now.  I'm using tan Rit dye.  I've never
dyed fabric in my washing machine before.  Hope it doesn't clog anything. 


  1. That is one big pile of white scraps but I'm sure you'll find a few ways to use it up. I've never dyed either..good luck with it.

  2. How fun! Hope the dying works out well for ya.