Monday, April 2, 2018

Repairing Jeans -- Innappropriate Repairs?

My husband gets his work pants from where he works.  He's a heavy equipment operator.  Some of the places he works has to have special clothing that doesn't create static and is flame retardant.  I am allowed to repair them if they rip.  I just think this pair looks to be inappropriate -- but he wears them anyways!

He rips many pants out in the crotch area because he has long legs.  He uses his long legs to climb on and off of equipment and trailers instead of the proper ladders and such.  He never complains of the repairs I make--and actually always thanks me.  If the company that rents (sells) the clothing to him would repair it they would put a huge iron-on patch on them and that is that.  They do not hold very long.

He never complains of the color of thread I use.  He usually gets what was on the machine at the time.  I often use a heavier thread in the bobbin to use up the stuff that my mother-in-law left for me.  It works!

He could use his pants as hot pads.  LOL.  Maybe he'll set tools on there and they won't slip off.


  1. This reminds me of some of my husband's jeans; full of repairs. He says they are just getting broken in when they look like this.

  2. My son used to rip his out in the crotch a lot too....and I did similar repairs,,,,not to mention the rips in the back side. He loved them...patches and all. Once they get those heavy jeans broke in, they don't want to give them up.

  3. That's a tough spot for repairs.