Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WIP Wednesday

This week I worked on a few green X blocks for my Garden party quilt (pattern by Bonnie Hunter.)  Each block has a green scrap in it.

They will go into this quilt.  You can tell I haven't added blocks to this one for a while.  Look how green the grass is!  I think this quilt is GORGEOUS so far!  I can't wait to place it in the hands of my friend.  She deserves a quilt like this.  She gives me scraps all the time.

So here I am working on my embroidery project at bowling.  This is not the most attractive pic of me.  I have my thread/needle in my mouth... Not the best hair day.  Whatever...

The kids were having fun (kinda).

This is more my view of things... 

 This is a different project in my sew-to-go bag than what I had.  It is also a crib-sized embroidery quilt.  It helps me pass the time.

Below is the other embroidery project that I am close to finishing.  It's a crib-sized quilt as well.

I planted two plum trees this week.  Glad I got them in the ground!  TODAY is a snow day for our schools here.  The ground is covered.  Happy Ohio!

This is what Mr. Sunshine looks like when St. Patrick's Day falls on his bowling day.  Not a lick of Irish in him...  what a fun week!

I'm linking up with Lorna for Let's Bee Social today.  Check it out here.

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