Sunday, October 20, 2013

Longarm Tension Problem SOLVED!

Everything was going great...  Then I got twelve customer quilts... Now I'm concentrating on getting them done.  I tried using the customer's thread (it's the same weight that I use, it's a more expensive, and it's in fabulous colors).  The cable to my laser pointer was touching the cone of thread.  I didn't see it.  I messed and messed with the tension.  No luck.  Then I noticed the real problem.  Now I can't get the tension back to running smoothly again!  Grrrr.  I've quilted three small charity quilts (not going to let this happen to a customer quilt!)  I've got it running smoothly and all of the sudden it throws a "knot".  I think it is happening when I slow down, but I can't tell.  I do have a stitch regulator.  I have changed needles.  I have changed threads.  I have threaded and rethreaded.  I have dialed the tension knob one quarter turn over and over and over.  Any suggestions?

I have checked everything it mentions here and here.

Update:  After talking less than five minutes with the Nolting dealer that sold me the machine, problem solved.  He had me take a picture of the tension knob and send it to his phone.  My thread was running over the tension disks instead of running through it.  Awesome service!!!  Thanks, Mike from Memory Lane Quilting.

This last picture shows what a knot looks like when I pull on it.  It can then be cut.  Sometimes it pulls the stitching apart from the front too much and has to be sewn on the sewing machine.  I will not do the customer quilts like this.  Any suggestions?  H E L P!!!

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