Monday, October 7, 2013

Easy Street is finally on the frame

I finally decided to quilt my Easy Street quilt.  This will probably be the last quilt I do for myself for a while.  I'm experimenting with the Circle Lord Swirl design on it before I quilt Julianne's Easy Street.  She shipped it to me from California.  I can't wait to have them both finished and take a picture of the "twins".  Glad I can use mine as the test bunny.

Look how much of the frame this quilt takes up!!!  This is the largest one I have done so far.  I don't remember the measurements.  I do know that I used all of my snap-on leaders but two!  Whew... glad I have a little breathing room.

If you're wondering what leader grips are... THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!  They making loading the quilt so easy!  No pins... no zippers...  I probably wouldn't have bought them, but the guy that sold me the longarm said that he was throwing in on my package because I would be easier for him to teach me how to load the quilt!  Cool, huh?  Here's a YouTube video of leader grips.  I'm not sure if this is the brand that I have or not.  The Nolting dealer installed mine for me by sewing them in.


  1. Wooooohooooo!! Its gonna look Awwwwwwwesome!

  2. Very cool and leader grips or red snappers are on my list to Santa this year.