Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Practice #2

I can see a lot of improvement in some of my stitches already.  The last time I posted about practicing feather circles was 1/29.  You can see that post here.  Remember that I keep re-using a quilt sandwich with different colored threads to practice.
Here's the results of my practice today:

My feather wreath is getting much better.  There are still skipped stitches...

The blue stitches are Baptist Fan (needs a lot of work.)  I need to watch more videos on YouTube!
I really want to learn this pattern.
The red stitches are called Hearts a Flutter.  I'm thinking of using this on my Scrappy Christmas QA.
Should I use hearts on a Christmas quilt?  It's pretty loose and should make a quilt soft and fluffy.

My clam shells look okay from a distance.

Here's a line of feathers.  (The top left is a different feather lei design.)

Here's a better shot of the feather lei.  It's getting much better too!

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  1. I'm seeing improvement in your stitching. Looks like you have gained control and now to get consistent. We all find skipped stitches sometimes.....could be needle or fabric or thread, or even your speed. I think the feather wreath looks great and so do the hearts. Yay for you for practicing.