Sunday, February 10, 2013

Made With Love by Mary (Low Volume Mystery Quilt #2)

Since I already had my low volume scraps in a bin, I thought I would get cutting on another new project for the week.  It's a mystery quilt-- Made with Love by Mary Mystery Quilt  With a little pressing and the help of my GO! Baby these blocks were cut and  put together in a few hours last night. 

There are 50 blocks that are a dark and a light (low-volume greys for the dark).  And then there are 50 blocks that are a medium and a light (low-volume pastels for the mediums).  A little more sorting and ironing and I'll also have all of my 2" strips cut.  Here's how they all started:

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Pattilou said...

Sounds like a fun mystery. Give me another year and I'll have my scrap bin full again! Can't wait to see how you do this.