Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WIP Wednesday, 11-9-11

I set aside a whole day for a few charity doll quilts to help out Debbie at  http://stitchintherapy.blogspot.com/. It felt good to put a smile on a stranger's face that would then help children have a happy holiday.  This was a great place to use orphan blocks and a lot of pieces from my Irish Chain baby quilt.

Here's five on the line:

And after dark I made five more:

I'm super excited about the stipple that I did on the Duo QA.  I will be trying this on my next big quilt.  I'm shocked I had few problems.  I need to concentrate on my speed.  Practice makes perfect, but I think I will be quickly addicted to stipple!  Thanks for the coaching from (Rhonda) http://gapquilter.blogspot.com/ and (Rachel) http://contented.typepad.co.uk/contented/ Check it out!

My partner received her block from the Block Swap Adventure that I mentioned last week.  Here is the Signature Block from Quilter's Cashe that she liked:

As for my Drunkard's Path QA, I completed two more blocks this week. for a total of 7 blocks.

Drunkard's Path Quilt Along with OCD and Needle and Spatula

This week I got caught up on the Victoriana Quilt Designs Fabric Party quilt.  I was also able to jump ahead on the next row.  These photos really don't do the colors justice.  Here's what it looks like now
I also had time to complete this week's We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler block.  It is the Minnesota block that Lee put out for the Summer Sampler Series.  This week we concentrated on more paper piecing.

New Project - 1 Orca Bay Mystery Quilt (Bonnie Hunter) Starting 11/18/11.
Completed Projects --  19
Victoriana Quilt Designs Fabric Party (completed rows 7, 8, 9, and 10!) 
One more block for the Summer Sampler Series
We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler - block 16 - Minnesota block
TEN! Doll Quilts for Stitchin' Therapy blog -- Get Your Mrs. Claus On
FMQ'd the Duo Quiltalong table topper!
Drunkard's Path Blocks (2 this week for a total of 7)

Currently in Progress:  7

Bluepatch Quilter Mystery Quiltalong (need two stars and one braid)
Victorianna Fabric Party Quiltalong (currently caught up...plus one row ahead!)
Summer Series Quiltalong (stilll need 5 more random blocks)
Crumb Along with Jo's Country Junction (still making crumbs)
Drunkard's Path Quiltalong
We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler currently caught up
Duo QA (currently caught up)

Quilt Tops to be quilted:  6
Duo Quiltalong table topper (just need the next step to hand stitch and binding)
Jelly Roll Race - Lap quilt
Oh Susannah! Mystery Quiltalong - California King
Kaleidoscope Quiltalong
X's and O's baby quilt
Diamond Chains QA (FMQ 2/3 done!) (Waiting on my husband to have to work out of town again to finish it.)

Projects on Hold: 6
Flower Basket Quilt
30"x30" Quilt for the June 2012 quilt show
Charity Quilt for our local quilt guild (2 cut)
I am still a little behind on the Rockin' Robin (2.5 rows)
May Block Lotto Pineapple Blocks to be put together
August Block Lotto African Violets baby quilt to be put together

Stop by and see who else has what else going on with Lee at Freshly Pieced!
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  1. You certainly have lots of WIPs happening! I especially like the Signature block!

  2. I can't believe how much you have on the go! I wouldn't be able to keep everything straight. I especially like the minnesota block, the brown fabric pops-very nice.

  3. Those doll quilts look so cute on the line!

  4. Those charity quilts are great! Way to go


  5. love love love your minis on the line!

  6. Wow, that is a lot of wonderful projects on the go. I too love your minis!

  7. Whoa, long list of W.I.P. but a lot of progress made! congrats!

  8. Holy moly you are a busy bee!! And yes, practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to stippling. Getting the speed of both your hands and the machine just right takes some trial and error but once you hit that sweet spot you'll be good to go!

  9. Oh wow, you are one busy lady!! Love the clothesline photo.

  10. Wow....You really have your Mrs. Claus on! Would you believe I woke up yesterday and had a picture in my mind of little quilts on a clothesline? Thank you so much.
    Your stippling looks very good. Practice and speed make a big difference. If you begin to have thread breakage problems, check out using a polyester thread like Isacord or PolyX40---I was always a purist for cotton till I began the FMQ and faced too many problems.

  11. You charity quilts are awesome!!!!!!

  12. Wow... you're one busy lady. But I love your projects and your stipling is awesome.

  13. You really are busy as they are saying! I love the bright colors and different patterns you use. Have you checked out the "free motion Quilting Project" yet? She has tons of designs for free-motion quilting along with videos. You know when I first started stippling I was kind of awkward, but it doesn't take long before you will get the hang of it and be ready to try even other stitches! I am just starting to branch out myself...give yourself time.

  14. You've got some beautiful projects going on! And I agree, it's so satisfying to put a smile on someone else's face!

  15. Those tops all look fabulous on the line!

  16. Your Victoriana quilt is stunning so far!

  17. That's a lot of dolly quilts, what a thoughtful gesture!! And really like your Victoriana Quilt --- the colors are so fresh!

  18. ohhh the blue dolly quilt is awesome,

  19. Wow, that's a lot of WIPs!! Love your quilts hanging on the clothesline, they look fabulous!

  20. I thought I had a lot of WIPs! I love all the doll quilts!

  21. You have the same blog background as I do :)
    You have been super busy. You remind me that I had planned on making doll quilts to have for sale in my etsy shop for Christmas. Doesn't look like I will get that done now.
    You making them for charity is awesome!

  22. Victoriana Quilt Designs Fabric Party quilt is great. I like the strip design.

  23. Everything looks great and your stippling if fabulous!

  24. Everything is great, but I really love that quilting! It looks fabulous!

  25. so many pretty doll quilts! they are so sweet :)

  26. Wow, that is quite the list there! Love what's on it though :o)

  27. Nice job on your Minnesota block! And the doll quilts look wonderful, I love the shot of them all on the line. : ) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  28. Wow! That's quite a list! I'm in awe of all your progress. The doll quilts are so pretty hanging together like that.

  29. I can see why you like stippling. You make it look easy.

  30. Yea! for Skill Builders! :)
    Your fabric party quilt is Beautiful!