Friday, November 18, 2011

Diamond Chains QA Complete

Finally I was able to complete my Diamond Chains quilt.  This quiltalong was hosted by Melinda at Tilda's Twisted Life.  My finished quilt is a California King size.  It measures 86 x 91 .  It's a little puckery here and there, but it will be fine and warm for our bed.  I love the way the heavy FMQ on it made it feel like a weighted blanket.  I feel like I'm getting a hug when I'm wrapped in it. :)

The back really looks puckered to me.  We'll see if that washes out.  I doubt it.  I really need to get my quilt sandwich tight next time.  Glad I'm not a prefectionist and that this quilt isn't going to a show.

Tilda's Twisted Life


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