Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday #30

Now that school is out quilting time is limited.  This week it seemed like I worked forever on the same project... It is the block swap for our local quilt guild.  I'm glad it is done.  It's not due until October or so.  We need 17 (or 18 sets) of four blocks.  I made 24 sets because it seems like everything I make always ends up bigger than the pattern.  I'll have enough to finish my top after the swap without having to get out all my fabrics and make more.  I can also go ahead and use the fabrics in my stash on other projects.  Wee.

Here's just one of the set of blocks.

I'll probably consider laying them out like this.  Fall isn't even on my radar right now.  I have plenty of time to think of the layout.

Other than that, I only made a small bag this week.  It turns out to be a really nice thread catcher.  I like the way it holds it shape and the pockets keep my scissors and seam ripper.

I still haven't found the right pattern/idea for my niece's baby boy quilt.  I'm leaning towards a train theme, but I'm not set on that yet.  If you have any ideas, PLEASE let me know.

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
California King Country Kitties http://new2quilting.blogspot.com/2011/03/country-kitties.html
Sunflower Seeds Quilt-along  at http://jamiemueller.blogspot.com/2011/04/awesome-quilt-along-week-three.html
Jelly Roll Race  http://new2quilting.blogspot.com/2011/05/jelly-roll-race-quilt-indy-500-day-with.html

On hold ...
Flower Basket quilt (in reds) http://new2quilting.blogspot.com/2011/03/flower-basket-quilt.html

This week's stats:
New projects - 0 -- What's wrong with me??  LOL
Completed projects - 2 (Quilt Guild Swap Blocks and a bag)
Currently in progress - 6


  1. nice work. looking forward to seeing your quilt finished. your post reminded me that I started the jelly roll race quilt this week too. I forgot to post about it. I really like yours!

  2. I really like those blocks!! They look awesome!

  3. Wow, you really are ahead, fall is not even on my radar yet. Nice work! I'm working on a Modern Crosses quilt right now for a baby boy...

  4. Great blocks!
    You have to tell us more about your little nephew before we can give you suggestions for a quilt for him. Colors? Themes?
    Looks like you've been accomplishing a lot lately!

  5. So many wonderful combinations with the split nine patch!


  6. It's so pretty! I have quilt books with designs but have yet to try one of the patterns.

  7. Lovely swap blocks! Swaps are so much fun. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday! : )