Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GORGEOUS Block Swap Adventure block

This GORGEOUS block from Caroline in UK for our monthly Block Swap Adventure arrived in the mail yesterday.  I am new to quilting just this year.  I have to admit that this is the most beautiful block I have ever held and now I am the proud owner of it.  THANK YOU CAROLINE for making this month's experience with the adventure so much fun!  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!  She even included a little card saying that she got the pattern from Quilters Cashe and that it is called "Cained Seat".  Did I mention how much I LOVE it?  Wow!

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I also received blocks in the mail yesterday from Mary Jane (GA), Carrie (NY), and Sandi (GA) of the Block Lotto.  Here are the photos of them:

That's seven blocks of 36.  Can't wait for all of their little pineapple block friends to arrive.


  1. The block Caroline made is gorgeous. It makes me want to learn paper piecing.

  2. That is a wonderful block! I thought it was a quilt when I first saw it. I would be beautiful made large as a quilt too!