Thursday, June 30, 2011

Country Kitties Quilt Sandwich DONE!

Today I finally got around to making my California King sized quilt into a sandwich.  It is now ready for when my husband has to work a lot of hours and I can take over the kitchen table for days.  The pattern is called Country Kitties (even though there are no cats involved in my quilt...)  I think it was named this because of the fabric print that was used on the pattern.  It is by Holly Daniels.  I got the free patern at  I check that site every day for what is new--AND FREE!  I modified the pattern to measure 87.5" by 105".

I love the way everything was so nice and smooth!  What a difference Warm and Natural batting makes!  I did my Supernova quilt with a Mountain Mist batting similar to Warm and Natural thinking it would be too thin.  But we love the weight of that quilt and I ended up buying a whole roll at JoAnn's at 50% off.

I usually hate this part of the process, but today it went so smoothly and everything lined up and stayed flat.  Whew.  I was worried about that big quilt.  Hopefully with a pin in the center of all the blocks it won't shift on me.  I'm not sure how to quilt it yet.  I kinda want to try free motion quilting, but I'm still a little hesitant.  Maybe I will quilt a baby quilt that is in the works as a trial before I tackle this big one.

I started to do a pieced back.  The back is a pretty paisley color.  When I started to lay out the back it just looked like I ran out of stuff and didn't have anything planned.  I made another whole row of the diamond in square blocks and was going to run them across the bottom about 3/4 of the way down.  It just didn't match the paisley quite right.  So when this quilt is turned over it is just ALL paisley.  Hopefully I will come up with a good idea of quilting.  Maybe I will do a diagonal grid of just straight line quilting because it is just so big.  Decisions, decisions.

Ahhh.  Taking a deep breath of another stage of a project complete--feels good.

Now that I have this closer to be done I guess I won't feel guilty about starting not one, not two, but THREE more quiltalongs.  LOL.   I'm interested in:
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  1. Great quilt! I wouldn't have a big enough floor space that was clear enough to lay it out. That's why I don't do quilts that big (and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!). :-))