Sunday, June 16, 2019

When Your Mom is Cheap But Crafty Enough to Pull It Off

I admit it.  I'm cheap.  Luckily I'm crafty.  Our son wanted TWO birthday cakes -- one for his real birthday and one for when we celebrated with his favorite aunt and daddy (because they both had to work on his birthday).

We went to the store and they had GRADUATION cakes at half price.  I picked a super plain one so that it was an easy fix for me.

I removed the graduation hat, diploma, "GRAD" and the "19" ring and smeared all smooth.

His favorite YouTuber has a green Lamborghini.  I got him a matchbox car that he wanted.  I had some green frosting in the cupboard.  Ta dah!

The smaller cakes were $15.  Might as well have more cake.  After all that, it was late when we got home on his real birthday.  He was full from going to the Dragon Buffet.  We saved the cake to eat for PARTY day.  It all worked out perfect!

My sister-in-law captured this great picture of Owen contemplating his 12th birthday wish:


  1. You are not cheap, you are thrify! Cheapness has a begrudging edge to it. Thrifty is looking for a deal to accomplish something good.

  2. AWESOME cake upcycling!!! Happy Birthday, O!!!