Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bowling With the HIGH SCHOOL!

We spent the afternoon this week with our regular bowling activity.  He was starting to beat me.  Now, entering 6th grade this fall, he is allowed to practice with the high school bowling team.  Since they have been starting to coach things I am leaving things alone and letting them COACH.  His scores are going down, but he is learning fundamentals.  Glad they are starting at 6th grade!

Owen also participates in the summer reading program at our local library.  It's funny that's he's Mr. popular at our local branch.  EVERYBODY -- even the substitute librarians -- knows him.  Even his aunt can go into the library and they know HER just by association -- and she's such an amazing part of his life.  Anywho... one of the reading prizes this week was a free doughnut at a local doughnut place.  I confidentially left him out at the parking lot (and made sure he got to the sidewalk safely, of course.)  We had never been to this particular doughnut shop location.  He took his coupon and confidentially walked in, had a conversation with the person at the counter and proudly got his free cream stick with sprinkles.  I watched as the counter worker who has never met him before gave him a high five before he left.

We are SOOOOO PROUD of our son and the independent young man he is becoming.  Next week he'll be at church camp for the fourth year in a row.  He spends three nights and four days there!  We have an amazing church family.  He can't wait to go.  Like I said, we are just SO PROUD of him!

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