Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cleaning Day!

Yesterday I had time to clean my quilting room.  We have two houses on the same property:  one we live in that used to be where my husband's grandparents lived, and one we have been building.  It is definitely a WIP.  My sewing machine and current projects are in the house we live in.  The longarm, miscellaneous sewing machines, tubs & tubs of scraps sorted by color, craft items and misc. are in the "new" house.  My husband's garage is in the "new" house as well.  We totally use both houses!

The above sign is from my mother-in-law.  She passes away a few years ago.  She wanted me to have all of her sewing things.  She was an AMAZING seamstress.  Yesterday I had time to get her sewing machine out and play with it.  Normally when a quilt needs a repair before it goes on the longarm or if I need to add to a quilt back that is not big enough, I take the project down to the other house and repair it.  Now I just have to walk 13 feet and fix it!  Convenient!  :)

This sewing machine is called "Dora" after my mother-in-law.  She sewed the after wedding and honeymoon dresses and outfits for our own Cleveland Indians Jim Thome's wife!  It was quite a fancy machine back in the day.  It also does machine embroidery and has all the attachments.  I have not tried that with it yet.  Someday...

When I added to the back of another quilt, I also reminisced about my own mother's "Dressmaker".  It is in the grey case next to the machine I am using.  My mother was also an excellent seamstress.  She was the 4H sewing leader back in the day.  Neither my mother or my mother-in-law had much patience (as they called it) for quilting.  Both of them wanted fast results.

The "Dressmaker" has been moved to the bottom shelf...  someday it will come out and play as well.  I tried it last summer.  Funny that my mom left a piece of my "riding" (horseshow) blazer that she made me under the presser foot.  What a sweet memory scrap to find.

Behind Dora is this sweet serger.  It was also Dora's.  My goal is to test it out this summer.

Here I am below... (bad bangs and all) and all my tubs of fun in the background (scraps organized by color.)  I LOVE being a scrappy quilter.  Other quilter friends that are not scrappy quilters surprise me with a bag wherever they see me or drop it off at my door at random.  Sweet!!!  See why I also love Accuquilt?  Press the little scraps, cut the shapes as many as I need, and keep on going...

Happy Thursday!