Monday, July 2, 2018

RePurposed Items for My Garden

I thought I'd show you some of the re-purposed items that are currently in use in my garden.  My husband likes to have everything by the manufacture's part number to fix things.  I'm the total opposite.  I fix it with what I have...

Here's a piece a rebar and an old swimming pool ladder in use for the cucumbers to climb so that they won't vine all over the garden.

Here's an old tv antennae that I cut apart with the cutting torch.  These are the best tomato cages.  They don't bend.  I can hammer them into the ground.  They last for years and years.

This old bird cage serves as a safe place for me to plant grass seed inside the chicken yard.  My chickens used to free range all the time.  There are currently EIGHT fox on our property.  I have to keep the chickens under lock.  You can see in the background that they do get some "fresh" green grass and mint during the day inside the orange snow fence area.  After the grass grows in the bird cage to desired height, I just move the cage and plant some more.  Without the cage they just eat my grass seed and have no grass.

Milk crates with a brick on them serve the same purpose as the bird cage above.  Without the brick the pesky chickens can move the plastic to get to the grass seed.  Sneaky little things!

Re-purposed sandbox serves as a duck pond and cold water supply when I change water each day.

This pet crate set on its side serves as a tree saver.  I planted this mulberry tree in the center of the chicken yard.  Hopefully in a few years I'll have berries that will be good for the chickens and ducks and a little shade.  I also planted some tall grass and WEEDS on purpose so that I can get some fast growing green stuff in there.  The ducks and chickens will be trimming it off as far as they can.


  1. you're so resourceful! Love it!

  2. I think it's AWESOME that you aren't going out to buy new tomato cages, etc.!! SEW much better to use what you have on hand. :o))