Monday, July 23, 2018

Moving it Forward Monday

I'm working on putting this little quilt together.  I won these orphan blocks in an orphan block basket at the Spring tea that was hosted by my guild.  I'll be making a nice baby quilt for our son's speech therapist.

The fabrics were cut and put together by maybe an inexperienced (new) quilter.  I squared the 12.5" blocks to 12", not worrying about if I was going to lose a little on those 2.5" squares.  I ended up with nice, square blocks.
Before I knew it, it was a nice little quilt.  With the fabrics and the way they are put together.  I can't really tell if the 2.5" squares are the same or not.  I think it looks cute on my "new" quilt clothesline.

I loved the look of where my old clothesline was and how each quilt clearly showed the grass or the snow or the mud of the season... My husband had other ideas for the area.  He also tore down the old garage that held up the other end of the clothesline from the house.  This is what it looks like now... (That's a power line you see running across the background.  I won't be hanging it there...)

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  1. Now I'm curious what he plans to put in there. I'm glad he put up a new quilt line for you, though. Equally great background. I get a lot of blocks donated for American Heroes. I trim them all square, not worrying about size or points or anything, and they still make the most beautiful quilts! We worry too much about the wrong things. =)