Sunday, January 21, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching -- Look at My Hoop Edition

I found ANOTHER red flower that needs stitched.  Seriously... I think this is the last one.  Here it is on my kitchen table shown in my white oval hoop.  Kathy at Kathy's Quilts added the fun of a photo challenge with the link-up this week.  The challenge is to take a picture of your hand-stitch project in the hoop.  So here it is:

My favorite hoop is a plastic, white 4.5" x 9" hoop.  I like it because I like to hold the small ends while stitching across the almost 9".  It's also funny because I just started slow stitching last year (as a grown-up).  I stitched when I was a kid up until about 10 years old.  I lost interest about when my grandmother (who was my sewing and crafting role model) passed away.  Now I think of her nearly every time that I stitch.  This was not her hoop.  I got this from a "free" box at a garage sale.  I also like it for small projects like this crib quilt because when I fold my project around it, it fits nicely into my school bag for when I go to work as a substitute teacher.  It doesn't take up a lot of room.
Here's a picture of it without my project on my old towel that is stained and ripped.  Funny... this is my favorite towel from my aunt.  She too has passed away.  I keep it next to my sewing machine and use it for ironing.  I don't see a brand name on it.  But it does have "THIS SIDE UP" on the bottom half.  I liked that because I totally forgot how to stitch the 40 years that I did not stitch.  Now I got it.
I also like these two hoops.  I have more than one to-go bag.  The blue one I got in the same "free" box as the white hoop.  The wooden hoop was my grandma's.  It doesn't have the screw thing on it.  But if I use it, I can easily take the one from the blue one.  I also have a box of hoops in the other house where my longarm is.  There's at least a dozen hoops in there of all different sizes.  I got that box at a garage sale for $5.  I knew I'd use them someday...  Thanks to this group, I am inspired to hand stitch while waiting on others.
I also have some metal hoops that were my grandma's and my original metal hoop that she (or my mom) gave me.  I don't use them anymore because they left a ring on one project that was a WIP.  I don't remember if it was rust or not.  It was just a ring...  I don't remember the project.  I'm pretty sure it's just something that was thrown away when the family was cleaning...  If I had that project now I would have probably made a shadow box of it and put it in my sewing room. 
Linking up with  Kathy at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. What a great deal you got on your hoops! Hope you manage to get the last flower done today.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a plastic oval hoop that size... very cool!
    What a great garage sale find! Thanks for showing us your hoops!
    Happy Slow Sunday Stitching!

  3. Such neat hoops you have! I love that this linkup encourages us to stitch. I am so glad I found it - I find I have lots of waiting time so hand work is a great thing to work on during it.

  4. So precious you have your gradma's hoop, it is a treasure for sure.
    Beautiful stitching.

  5. Such a nice selection of hoops, I love finding them at thrift shops and garage sales. I am partial to the metal hoops though I know some people experience rust stains I have yet to have the problem. I still have several from 1973 that I use. I think of my grandmother each time I stitch by hand it brings back such happy memories.

  6. Some of the old hoops were made to be wrapped in muslin to avoid that "hoop stain" that you wrote about. I inherited one like that with a note to replace the muslin as I saw fit. The hoop itself is too loose without the muslin so I rarely use it. I like your free hoops. What great finds. I love your stitching. I hope that was the last red flower.