Sunday, January 7, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching -- Lesson Learned

I knew that the little embroidery markings on my baby quilt would come off at the first wash.  But what was I thinking when I threw my rinsed coffee cup with sealed lid in my sewing bag?  Yes, just a little water dripped out.  Some of the markings have been erased/smeared.  I can still see enough to sew them.  Whew.  Lesson learned.

You can see where my hoop is that I'm starting to embroider the blue safety pins.  I think all of the  yellow of the flowers are done.
The next two are the worst ones because I'll have to refer to the picture on the package to figure out the detail of the bear's feet.  But as you can see, it's pretty much all still there.  Luckily it's two more sets of red flowers that I didn't know were there. 

Slow Sunday Stitching
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  1. Those marks come out very easily with a bit of water! Glad you can still see enough to finish the stitching.

  2. Oh my I hope you can see enough to stitch, yesterday I was pressing a piece I crayon tinted and silly me forgot the lines I traced would come off when ironed which I hadn't tried before, they did luckily I used my own pattern so I could retrace the lines.

  3. Beautiful work you are doing--happy to hear you can still see the markings well enough to stitch. hugs, Julierose

  4. I think each quilt I have made has taught me a lesson! So glad you can still see enough to finish!

  5. Hah! I thought I only did goofy things like that! Looks like you made a nice recovery.

  6. Oh my goodness that was a close call!