Saturday, January 20, 2018

Scrap Saturday

This week I didn't get much sewing done a g a i n...  More snow days meant more fun with the kid.  They are only little once (I mean 10 and a half...)  I did get a few more four patches sewn:

We did get a lot of this done...

He did get cold waiting on me to do my chicken chores.  See the ocean container in the background?  It makes an awesome storage area for all of my barn and garden stuff.  My husband welded a nice, heavy door on it and put lights and electric in it.  I'm a lucky girl.

Here's a pic of me in my winter gear.  Brrr.  Owen takes pictures of me all the time now. :)  The chickens are getting a little "cabin fever".  Hopefully it will be in the 40's and maybe even 50 degrees this week--enough to melt the snow so that they can come out and play.  If I leave them outside when there is snow on the ground the two roosters chase each other and the hens around and sometimes somebody gets "stranded" because they really don't like getting their feet in the snow.  Fingers crossed they get some free ranging time next week.

Linking up with Angela and the gang for Scrap Happy Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, 2018 -- RSC18.  Come join the fun at Angela's blog SoScrappy.

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  1. Nice 4 patches. Enjoy your boy. He will be grown and gone before you know it.

  2. At least you were able to get a little bit of BLUE sewing done!!

  3. Looks like the snow kept you busy. Glad you got a few blocks done though.

  4. Its much m ore fun to play with the kids!! But it looks kinda cold!